Pastors & Staff

Anthony Craig

Executive Pastor

As the Executive Pastor at Heart Community Church, Pastor Tony brings a dynamic blend of love and leadership to our church family. With over 15 years of ministry experience, he  oversees the day-to-day operations of building and lifting up the men of the church, ensuring that they lead their families and themselves with the plan of God. He is the humble husband of Pastor D, father to many children and grandfather to all. Outside the church, he enjoys grilling, and spending quality time with his family. Join Pastor Tony at our services or reach out directly to experience his warm, inclusive leadership in action.

Deenya Craig

Senior Pastor

Pastor D as she is affectionately called, serves as the spiritual leader and visionary of Heart Community Church. With her compelling sermons and heartfelt dedication to pastoral care, she inspires our community to live out their faith with courage and compassion. Pastor D has been a guiding light in our congregation for over a decade, blending deep spiritual knowledge with practical applications that resonate with everyone. Her commitment to outreach and community service is driven by her belief in loving actively and serving generously. She is the mother of 7 adult children, 7 grandchildren and wife to Pastor Tony Craig. When not at the pulpit, Pastor D enjoys exploring creative art, dance and engaging in encouraging mothers and children. Join her on Sundays to experience her uplifting messages and transformative leadership.

Doris Robinson

Lay Pastor

Pastor Doris Robinson serves as a Lay Pastor at Heart Community Church, where her deep compassion and commitment to service and education shine brightly. Pastor Robison plays a pivotal role in our pastoral team by supporting various church activities, leading bible study, and offering pastoral care. With a strong background in Christian eduation and community service, she provides guidance and support to our church members in times of need. Her approachable nature and unwavering faith make her a beloved figure within our community. In her free time, Doris enjoys gardening and writing poetry, activities that reflect her nurturing spirit. Two years ago she started Heart Bible College and. encourages students to attend and earn their degrees. Connect with Doris at any of our community events or spiritual gatherings for a comforting chat and insightful guidance.

Judah Craig

Minister of Music

Minister Judah serves as the Minister of Music at Heart Community Church, where he orchestrates an inspiring and vibrant music program. With his profound passion for worship and his extensive love for music, Judah leads our praise team and band, bringing a soul-stirring blend of congregational hymns and contemporary worship songs to our services. His leadership not only enhances our worship experiences but also fosters a deep sense of community among the musicians and congregation alike. Judah is dedicated to mentoring young musicians and believes in the power of music to uplift and heal. When not conducting or composing, Judah enjoys writing and producing music and exploring the world around him. Join us for a service to experience the powerful and uplifting music that Judah so skillfully curates.

Keela Hollman and Rachel Jones

Youth Ministers

Minister Keela and Rachel bring energy, passion, and a deep commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of our younger congregation members as the Minister of Youth at Heart Community Church. They focus on creating engaging, relevant, and supportive programs that cater to the unique needs of our teens and young adults. These ladies excel in connecting with young people and providing them with guidance and opportunities for meaningful involvement in church life. Their approach integrates fun, faith, and fellowship, helping to build strong, confident young Christians who are prepared to make a positive impact in the world. They are wives and parents to young children and enjoy the curious questions that come from the youth and the yound adults. Connect with [First Name] at our youth events or weekly gatherings for a dose of inspiration and community.